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Dwayne Marcial

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Dwayne Marcial

Dwayne Marcial is a talented award-winning artist manager at Musik Iz The Motive Entertainment, located in Saint John, NB. With a wealth of experience in the music industry, Dwayne is an expert in various areas, including management, promotion and marketing, sync placements, talent bookings, and artist development. His skills and expertise have earned him numerous awards and accolades for the artists he has represented over his career. Dwayne is a proud graduate of NBCC, having completed both the Radio Studies program and TV & Video Production program. He has an extensive background working in both fields, having worked in all departments in radio and for companies such as Stingray, MBS, Bell, and Pattison. In tv and film, he has worked at NBC Studios, Rogers TV, and on classic indie films like Blue Hill Avenue.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your role with Musik Iz The Motive Entertainment.

I am the owner and CEO of MITME. I’m an artist manager, DJ and producer who wears many other hats and enjoys learning everything I can about the music industry. I’m someone who got his start working in TV and Film then shifted to radio broadcasting.

When was Musik Iz The Motive Entertainment launched? Describe the organization, its mandate and key activities.

The idea was created in 2013. The reality of the company wasn’t really until 2016. As a company we have done many things over the years but overall, our main mandate has been artists’ development. Our key activities consist of the development of artists, creating export opportunities and providing knowledge and support for artists, producers and industry professionals looking to grow and be successful.

What drew you to music? Describe how you were inspired to explore music as both an artist and as an artist manager.

Music is a part of my DNA! Being 4th generation in music is what drew me into music. My Great grandmother was a famous Gospel singer from Alabama/Detroit, my grandmother is Tobi Legend from Detroit, and my father was a bassist in her band. So, to me it’s in my DNA literally!

My grandmother is Tobi Legend, a Detroit artist who was signed to EMI records at a young age and toured with BB King and many other greats and is famous in the UK for her big Northern Soul classic song Time Will Pass You By. All I do to help artists and companies is due to her and her story in the industry is what inspired me and keeps me going.

As a creative I have a brother that raps/writes music and another who is a musician playing various instruments and they inspire me every day to create so as an artist I really just started creating music more consistently since the pandemic.

What goes into managing artists in the music industry? What is your approach and/or philosophy to managing artists in the music industry? Describe your process and/or influences.

A lot of hard work, time and dedication goes into managing artists in the music industry. Basically, it takes a special kind of person to understand and empathize with artists and creators but know how to relay to them they are indeed a business. My process is understanding the artists, their goals, and objectives as a creative for their career. It all starts with the music! Good music is a foundation and means more than most think.

Dwayne Canada House UK
Dwayne Marcial at Canada House in the UK during Export Mission with MMF and UK Trade Commision. / Dwayne Marcial à la Maison du Canada au Royaume-Uni lors d'une mission export avec la MMF et la Commission du commerce du Royaume-Uni.

How has your experience helped you with managing artists?

I feel this job you are always learning, and the industry is always evolving. I feel my experience now has me prepped more so to understand things better on a global scale and the impact an artist can make with the right resources.

What do you enjoy most about your work with managing artists in the music industry?

Helping artists and producers achieve their goals! Whether it’s a certain show or festival or getting a licensing deal, a sync deal and their music ending up on a TV show these are all enjoyable moments being a manager.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being an artist manager in the music industry?

Most challenging part of being an artist manager is lack of resources. By resources I mean income or working capital for dealing with downtime with artists. As a manager you get paid a % of activities and artist need time to create so this can be difficult.

Dealing with financial institutions are way more than difficult in Canada and not sure why it's like this but for some reason we are deemed more of high risk then say a restaurant. A restaurant though can have no problem getting say a line of credit as a high-risk business while myself as a music industry professional or business who can show clear path still do not have access to the same kind of capital that would allow a music business to scale and grow.

Describe what you are most proud of as an artist manager?

Right now, my biggest proud moments as a manager include some wins of past and current artists I manage. To see acts I managed win awards is always special! New Brunswick acts One8Tea and City Natives come to mind! One8Tea has won the Music NB Award for song of the year making him the 1st African Canadian to win a Music NB Award and he won an ECMA that same year for rap album of the year. City Natives being an aboriginal group winning multiple ECMA, MUSIC NB and National Aboriginal Awards makes me proud as well.

Current proud moment includes recent success managing an artist from Dieppe by the name of LEVY who has become the 1st act I’ve represented to chart on 2 major radio charts in the US. In December 2023 he reached #38 on both the HOT AC and Top 40 Charts on USA Radio.

Being a radio guy, I feel this is one of my most proud manager moments knowing how difficult it is to get radio play in the USA. We did not get radio support in Canada, so this added to how proud I am of this achievement.

Trade Mission 2023 Australia New Zealand
Trade Mission to Australia and New Zealand with Heritage Canada with Trade Commissioner from Sydney / Mission commerciale en Australie et en Nouvelle-Zélande avec Patrimoine Canada et le délégué commercial de Sydney

Through your work as an artist manager, what have you learned about yourself and about the arts community in New Brunswick?

I’ve learned I am resourceful and work hard. Being in New Brunswick makes it I have to work twice as hard due the lack of support our we get as industry professionals.

What do you enjoy most about being a cultural worker living in New Brunswick?

I love my province, I love the 5ive06ix! Some great undiscovered talent here and enjoy coming across these artists.

Who is your favourite artist(s) and why?

Levy I represent him because not only is he a great artist but a great person. The music he does is amazing, and he is one of the best Singer/Songwriters and producers all in one I’ve met here in New Brunswick.

What advice would you give to emerging artists or those interested in working in the music industry?

BE YOURSELF! Don’t follow trends, look to create your own trend or lane instead of following what everyone else does. Focus on your music first because at the end of the day “IT ALL STARTS WITH THE SONG!”

Where can people connect with you? (website, social media, etc)

Love NB arts and culture? Share your favourites. #inspiredbyNB