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Maja Jacob

Maja Jacob

Over the past 20 years, Maja Jacob has worked on film sets and post-production facilities in Vancouver, Toronto and Moncton. Her passion for filmmaking has shifted to producing, breaking out with her first feature film In God I Trust. The film went on to screen at several film festivals around the world, winning numerous awards and signed two distribution deals with Game Theory Films (Canada) and Gravitas Ventures (USA/Worldwide).

Maja was selected to participate in several prestigious programs, including the NSI National Screen Institute 2022 Business for Producers - Atlantic Women’s Edition, the 2023 Rotterdam Producers Lab, the EFM Producers Without Borders program at the Berlinale International Film Festival, and the 2023 Screen Nova Scotia Emerging Producer Mission – Los Angeles program.

She is a Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) member, as a Director and Picture Editor. Additionally, she serves as a representative on the board of the Directors Guild of Canada for the province of New Brunswick.

Who or what inspires you and why?

What inspires me are great stories that connect with an audience in a special way. I'm also inspired by filmmakers who persist in their journey, even when it takes years to bring a film to fruition. Learning that a film has faced years of obstacles to produce is something I truly admire. The determination to never give up and keep pushing forward, even when success seems hard to attain, is what I aspire to embody as a filmmaker.

Producer/Director, Maja Jabob, Productrice/Directrice

What drew you to working in the film industry? Describe how you were inspired to explore film.

I vividly recall the day in 1991 when my father brought home a Hi8 camcorder. At 11 years old, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I spent countless hours in my bedroom, filming myself singing to Ace of Base songs, pretending to be a meteorologist while pointing to a makeshift weather board, and choreographing dance routines to Madonna songs. This creative outlet served as a form of escape for me, particularly as an immigrant adjusting to life in a new country. I dedicated many hours to watching films that my dad had recorded onto our VHS player, daydreaming about what happened to the characters after the film credits rolled. From a very young age, I always knew that I wanted to express myself through filmmaking.

What do you enjoy most about creating films?

As a filmmaker, one of the most exciting moments is when you step onto the set on the first day of production. All the hard work and determination poured into bringing a film to this point finally happens. The development of a film demands a tremendous amount of effort, and I love seeing it all come together. Another aspect of filmmaking that I particularly enjoy is post-production. Much of my work over the past 20 years has revolved around editing. Filmmaking doesn't conclude with the production wrap; it continues to evolve in the editing suite. This is the moment when the creative energy of an editor is unleashed, especially when you incorporate music and sound design. It's when the film truly comes to life!

In God I Trust 3
In God I Trust, 2019

What do you enjoy most about being an artist living in New Brunswick?

I worked in major film industry metropolises like Vancouver and Toronto and relocated to Moncton during COVID. At first, I didn't realize that New Brunswick had such a robust film industry, filled with many talented crew and creatives. It's been a wonderful few years connecting with filmmakers from around the province. When you live and work in huge cities, it's harder to connect with fellow filmmakers on a personal level. I find it much easier to meet with creatives over coffee or lunch and connect on a deeper level. I also love to collaborate on other filmmakers' projects, even if it's just to chat with them or give advice. I can also confirm that New Brunswickers are, by far, the nicest people in Canada!

Describe what you are most proud of as an artist?

I am most proud of the recent years in my career development as a producer, while living in New Brunswick. Over this period, I have devoted all my energy to advancing my career in content development and producing. I am grateful for being selected to participate in several career accelerator programs, including the 2022 NSI National Screen Institute Business for Producers program, the 2023 Rotterdam Producers Lab, and the 2023 Screen Nova Scotia Emerging Producer Mission – Los Angeles program. Working with limited resources can be challenging, which is why career development workshops and programs play a crucial role in maximizing my company's potential. I have been fortunate to receive support from the province of New Brunswick and Telefilm Canada for the development of my future projects, as well as for career development and training opportunities.

Producer/Director, Maja Jabob, Productrice/Directrice

What is your artistic approach and/or philosophy to creating films? Describe your artistic process and/or influences.

As a filmmaker, my primary goal is to create content from its earliest stages of development. In recent years, I have made it my priority to seek out interesting and dynamic stories and develop them from concept to script. I consider myself a creative producer, and while the genres of the stories I wish to tell may vary, my ultimate aim is to create content that captivates audiences' imaginations and sparks meaningful dialogue and discussion. Shooting films and television series worldwide is one of my aspirations, as there are countless remarkable stories that extend beyond Canada alone. My working style is to surround myself with talented, creative, passionate individuals, most importantly, people I can call friends.

Who is your favourite film producer and why?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are numerous talented filmmakers out there who have produced amazing films. To me, a producer is just as creative as the writer and director. So, I can't really single out just one producer. However, some of my favorite films from recent years include Parasite, Hereditary, Erin Brockovich, and Fargo.

In God I Trust 1
In God I Trust, 2019

What advice would you give to young, emerging artists in the film industry?

Working as an independent filmmaker can be extremely challenging. Obstacles and rejections are part of this business. My advice to emerging artists in the film industry is to take every rejection as a learning experience, then reflect on what needs to be fixed, listen to valuable advice, then regroup and push forward. One of the biggest challenges I face is the shortage of female filmmakers in this region. My goal is not only to showcase my drive and determination but also to inspire, motivate, and empower up-and-coming female filmmakers in my area, a mission I've already started as a mentor to a New Brunswick female writer.

Where can people connect with you?

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